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DSI Logistics has been a phenomenal partner over the past few years. Final mile delivery is one of the hardest services you can offer customers and DSI does it well. The management staff is always looking for ways to improve service where it's having the best teams in our customer’s homes to innovating their electronic systems to better the overall service experience. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with one of the best final mile companies in the nation.  

Lowe's Companies, Inc.

They (DSI Logistics) handle the scheduling, contact the customers and offer great service. We’ve been absolutely thrilled with them. We have hundreds of deliveries going out daily. Outsourcing deliveries allows us to focus on what we do best – retailing.

Sit ‘N Sleep

When Ashley began its store expansion program in Southern California, DSI Logistics was the logical choice to handle our customer deliveries based on their reputation and strong market presence. Their expertise and professionalism have enabled us to more than double our delivery volume while providing a high level of service to our customers. Our successful relationship with DSI Logistics is a key element of our overall strategy of continued growth.

Ashley Furniture HomeStores

It's refreshing to know that we have a business partner as focused and committed as we are, with providing excellent customer service through disciplined processing and superior customer engagement.

Living Spaces

As a DSI employee who has only been working here for 8 months, I already love it here. My work schedule is flexible. Whenever something happens, like an emergency at home, I am treated fairly and with understanding. The company culture makes you feel like you are a part of their family and makes you feel like you are cared for both as a worker and a person.

Emma Luu
Business Analyst
Emma Lu - DSI

I have been with DSI for 2 ½ years and as part of the management team I have experienced working with different clients. I quickly learned the opportunity for growth is endless. I am glad to be apart of the DSI team and look forward to the future as DSI continues to grow.

Victoria Sanchez
Account Manager
Victoria Sanchez - DSI

Working for DSI Logistics has helped me expand my work ethic. I have been with the company for 3- years and this company has been great in helping my growth. All my managers have pushed me to succeed. I started as a CSR then trained to dispatch within less than a year, I was then trained as a router. Being a router was where I learned all the technical things and was promoted to lead for the routing department. 3-years later I am now an Assistant Manager. DSI has great opportunities for everyone to grow and succeed I am very thankful to this company. 

Evelyn Ocampo
Assistant Manager
Evelyn Ocampo - DSI

I have been with the company for 2-years. Overall, I’d like to say my relationship with the company is strong & that bond is strong due to the friendly environment to help develop and grow as a family as we take on new challenges head on together every day.

Alejandro D. Colin
Alejandro D. Colin - DSI

Being with DSI for the past 4 years, has made me realize that I can accomplish many things. With DSI I gained confidence with the many skills that I have learned with the company including our core values. Everyday has different challenges in which we accomplish with the encouragement of our great team. DSI also recognizes the hard work and dedication of each of their employees. I feel privileged to work for such a wonderful company. 

Maria Natividad-Garcia
Lead CSR
Maria Natividad-Garcia - DSI

No day is the same – there is always something new that becomes a focal point.  New challenges, new opportunities to learn and opportunities to grow.  I love the fact that what we do, we do as a family.  Working for a company and part of a team that is growing, and one with new and evolving requirements. I love being mentally challenged in new ways, and DSI allows for me to do that.  For me, ‘Whatever It Takes’ is more than doing anything and everything individually, it is also working alongside your team and doing the small things that make a huge impact for our customers. Doing what is needed to make the team, the family, the company better.

David Bryant II
IT Support
David Bryant II - DSI
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