Appliance Installation

DSI Logistics is proud to offer full appliance delivery and installation capabilities to meet the needs of your customer. From simple installation of washer/dryer sets and refrigerators to built-in, heavy duty commercial appliances, our delivery partners have the knowledge and experience to meet your customer’s expectations and create a memorable service experience with every delivery. Our delivery teams will:

- Confirm the appliances to be delivered
- Open and inspect the appliances
- Inspect the delivery path to ensure that no unreasonable risk of damage is present 
- Inspect all connections prior to installation and notify the customer if any potentially unsafe or unsound conditions exist
- Explain the setup and installation process to the customer
- Install anti-tip brackets where necessary
- Demonstrate and test the function of each appliance
- Inspect the installation for leaks or loose connections
- Photograph the final installation of any product that is setup or installed
Our delivery teams will ensure that each customer delivery includes full visibility throughout the entire delivery and installation process and that they understand the functions and value of the product that they have purchased. At DSI Logistics, we understand that the purchase of new appliances is a major and important purchase and that each customer deserves a premium delivery experience that lives up to your commitment.