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Total Solution

The DSI Logistics Total Solution is a comprehensive, customized solution to improve, coordinate and manage customer deliveries for retail clients.  Our mission is to provide a professional, safe and successful delivery experience every time to every customer.   DSI is committed to doing “Whatever It Takes” to deliver on this promise.

Features of DSI Logistics Total Solution:

   The Right Team

  • A commitment to provide professional and vetted delivery teams with previous industry experience
  • Account personnel and contract delivery teams receive ongoing comprehensive training and utilize direct consumer feedback and evaluations to improve service
  • Low employee and delivery team turnover ensures consistent performance
  • Effective staffing of account personnel and contract drivers receive consumer evaluations to improve delivery systems and increase customer satisfaction and safety awareness

   The Right Technology

  • Analysis tools to assist clients in defining current costs
  • Activity reporting tools to measure delivery team performance metrics daily on both a quantitative and qualitative basis
  • State-of-the-Art call center and transportation management software

   The Right Commitment

  • Performance surveys to assure our client’s brand is protected
  • Access to senior management at all times
  • Flexibility, adaptability and willingness to solve problems quickly throughout the company
  • Professional Affiliations 
    • Member – Western Home Furnishings Association
    • Member - National Safety Council
    • Member - North American Home Furnishings Association
  • Pay-for-performance delivery teams whose compensation is based on successfully completing the delivery, satisfying the customer, and achieving customer's targeted service goals

Benefits to Our Clients:  We believe there are a number of benefits our clients receive by working with us.

   Focus on Core Competencies

  • By partnering with DSI for home delivery, retail management can focus more of their resources on their core competencies including merchandising and inventory management

   Reduced Labor Responsibilities

  • No need to hire or retain delivery teams who would most likely be underutilized working for an in-house fleet
  • No need for internal infrastructure to oversee drug testing, MVR checks and criminal background checks
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease the number of delivery teams quickly for seasonal or promotional reasons

   Reduced Costs

  • No need to own and maintain expensive transportation equipment
  • Reduction in Workers Compensation insurance
  • No need to maintain multiple insurance policies including auto, cargo, and general liability premiums, unreimbursed losses

   Reduced exposure through Risk Management

  • Product and in-home damage: reduce frequency and eliminate costs
  • Liability: accident repair, employee misconduct, driver negligence

   Superior Customer Service

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