Mission and Values

Mission and Values

As a provider of home delivery and distribution services, we at DSI Logistics LLC commit to these principles:

  • 54e36451fbbdead8ec306951f4c0d454Develop strategic partnerships with clients based on cost effective customized solutions to their needs
  • Achieve total satisfaction for our retail clients and their customers Invest in current technologies to deliver the finest in logistic services
  • Employ honest accounting and fair business practices
  • Value employees and contract drivers by developing, recognizing, and promoting those who are dedicated to achieving excellence
  • Endorse and model our "Core Values" in everyday business activity
  • Support community organizations through monetary donations and volunteer hours

This philosophy will ensure the mutually shared success of employees, contract drivers, and client partners.

valuesCore Values. The DSI Logistics LLC Mission Statement defines the guiding principles for the company and details corporate goals. The Core Values were conceived in an effort to provide employees with a "road map" to help accomplish these goals and to succeed within the organization.

DSI Logistics LLC. Core Values are known by the acronym F.L.I.P.P.E.R.. They are prominently posted in all company locations and reviewed at all significant training events and meetings.

  • F "Follow – Up" To review and clarify, always getting back to the source with findings. Also can be an opportunity to determine satisfaction level.
  • L "Leadership" To instruct, define expectations, and follow-up. Evaluate fairly. Be a role model for effort and quality of work.
  • I "Integrity" To be honest and sincere. Accept responsibility for performance, good or bad, with maturity.
  • P "Proactive" To anticipate events and plan ahead in an effort to maximize service performance.
  • P "Promote" To favorably represent a client’s brand and image to their customers. Present a positive company image. Acknowledge and reward associates who excel.
  • E "Excellence" To exceed expectations. Do "Whatever It Takes" to satisfy clients, their customers, and management.
  • R "Relationships" To act as a business partner to clients. Develop healthy relationships based on confidence and trust. Ensure mutual success by trouble-shooting, problem solving, and innovative thinking.