About DSI

About us

DSI Logistics LLC is a leading 3rd party logistics firm specializing in final-mile home delivery, distribution and installation of large, non-conveyable goods such as furniture, appliances and electronics.  Headquartered in Southern California, DSI Logistics is focused on developing long-term, strategic partnerships with local and national retailers, distributors and manufacturers to become an integral part of their supply chains. Our mission is to provide a professional, safe and successful delivery experience every time to every customer.   DSI is committed to doing “Whatever It Takes” to deliver on this promise.

DSI Logistics was founded in 1997 by Dave Thompson who had a vision to build a company to address the need for a customer-centric logistics firm exclusively focused on the rapidly growing final-mile delivery industry. He envisioned a company that would offer all of the delivery service capabilities of large providers but with a differentiated customizable, flexible and accessible approach. That same year, DSI launched with a single truck for our first client, Sit 'N Sleep and we are still delivering mattresses for them over two decades later.

DSI Logistics has developed a strong corporate culture that promotes professional growth and accountability by all employees as well as a mutual respect for all our stakeholders including clients, customers, vendors and home delivery teams.  DSI Logistics has focused on creating an environment that fosters development, recognition, and promotion of those who share our commitment to excellence. We strive to have both employees and contract delivery teams share our focus on delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction as our guiding principle.